A road surface or pavement is classified as asphalt and concrete. Concrete layers are more durable, despite being extra slippery and rowdy during traffic. Also concrete road has higher initial, maintenance, reconstruction costs. However, asphalt pavement has low initial cost, relatively rougher than other paving methods, providing skid-resistant surface, which makes road less vulnerable to accidents. Furthermore asphalt pavement has significantly lower maintenance, base repair cost than any other methods.

Our company started producing hot mix asphalt in 2012, providing to Ulaanbaatar city motorway’s construction and restoration work with coarse-graded base as well as dense-graded surface asphalts.

From that moment on we are producing high quality A11, A10, B10, B5 asphalt mixtures for base and surface of the road which meets MNS AASHTO D290:2004 standards.

Raw materials, asphalt samples are tested daily in our own laboratory and monthly in the Authorized Laboratory of Road Agency of UB City.