Bitumen Emulsion

During the road construction work, before paving the hot asphalt mixture, on the entire area of the road Bitumen Emulsion is sprayed. Bitumen emulsion is designed to create a strong adhesive bond between surface and asphalt mixture without slippage, preventing from different types of water leakage. In order to do that bitumen must be diluted.

Until 2015, Mongolia’s road system used to dilute bitumen with gasoline. This method contaminates the environment, since gasoline has poor ability to be absorbed by dirt and air. In addition to that, gasoline dissolves asphalt pavement from below making it unqualified for traffic.

Due to that, our company started a research in 2014 to replace gasoline with active substance. As a solution we established our bitumen emulsion plant in 2015.

Bitumen emulsion advantages:

  • High surface penetration
  • Evenly applied
  • Creates strong bond with raw materials
  • Inexpensive
  • Eco-friendly etc…

Our plant is capable of producing 6 tons of bitumen emulsion in hour. Equipped with fully automatic control system and meets Mongolian MNS-ASTM D244 standard. Also we deliver with our transport to the construction site.