Asphalt mixing Plant

Our Asphalt Mixing Plant LJB1200 has production capacity of 1440 tons of mixture per day and 96 tons of mixture per hour. The plant is fully computerized and equipped with the latest generation of core components.

We produce high quality asphalt mixtures for base and surface of the road which meets MNS standards and supply to customers 24 hours a day.

Plant’s specification and advantages:

  • High quality mixture produced as we use the new technology mixer
  • Utilization error of raw material not higher than ± 0.5% as we use fully automatic and sophisticated weighing machine.
  • No higher than ± 0.35% of Mixer error due to fully computerized management system of the Plant.
  • Continues mixture supply is possible for 24 hours as equipped with reservoir containers (132 tons of bitumen in total) can keep liquid bitumen in relevant temperature.
  • The Asphalt production is unstoppable as the Mineral Powder Plant’s functionality is tied closely.

Bitumen emulsion plant

Our Bitumen Emulsion Plant established in 2015 to produce 6 tons emulsion in hour. The plant is installed with latest equipment with fully computerized system, the model MTR6 of Metong Machinery Company.

Until now, before the asphalt covering the mixture of diesel fuel and bitumen has been used as a binding layer. This method is known as a traditional method of spraying.

Bitumen emulsion has several advantages compared to traditional method of road coating before asphalt layer. It is inexpensive, environmentally friendly and not harmful for asphalt layer afterwards.

Specifications and advantages:

  • Stronger bond with raw materials and sand than gasoline, making road construction work high quality.
  • Inexpensive due to, no kerosene and gasoline is needed.
  • Can be stored for long period of times, as a result can be transported to far distances. Easy to use, ecofriendly as it is water based, no wastage after layering.
  • Compared to gasoline bitumen is safer to work with and capable of layering in any kind of climate conditions.
  • Capable of producing any kind of bitumen emulsion for any type of road work.

Mineral Powder Plant

Mineral powder is one of the raw materials used in hot asphalt mixture. It is extracted from natural limestone, increases asphalt’s strength and decreases pours on the surface.

In 2013 we installed PRC’s “Heinen Liming Heavy Industry” TGM-100 limestone crusher, excluding difficulties, such as limestone quality, availability and transport.

This plant has production capacity of producing 5 tons of limestone per hour, that meets MNS 2795:2002 standard, supplying our Asphalt Mixing Plant without any difficulties.


In 2015 we established our laboratory to take and analyze samples according to MNS standards. The laboratory frequently analyzes all of the products and raw materials to make sure we produce high quality products that meets quality requirements.

For example:

  • Analysis of density, durability and rheology to all the asphalt mixture we produce.
  • Analysis of rheology, density, moisture, dustiness, surface texture of gravel and raw materials.
  • We take analysis of adhesion, viscosity and flow, softening point of bitumen daily in our own laboratory. Also we send our samples to the Authorized Laboratory of Road Agency of UB City monthly to confirm our products meet the requirements.